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That’s not my Neighbor


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A great opportunity to show your logical and creative inclinations. The game was released in 2023. The popularity of the original version was so great that the developer soon started making a sequel. Now both versions are available to network users. You can also play online.


The player will try on the role of the author of an interactive book. At his disposal come different characters, as well as locations, against which the events will develop.

After starting the program, the first chapter appears on the screen. This stage can be thought of as a workout. It will allow the gamer to study the principle in more detail and proceed to more difficult levels.

Each stage is the creation of a chapter. The task of the user is to fill in all the empty windows of the interactive comic. In this case, the heroes will not stand still. They talk, quarrel, fall in love, die, come to life, and so on. thus, the player will be able to create a unique story about a treacherous baron who wanted to usurp power, a beautiful princess who is waiting for her beloved knight, etc.

Some stories are familiar to everyone and are classics. For example, the story of Adam and Eve, who have to leave the Garden of Eden. Others are completely original designs. To guess exactly how the characters will be able to come to a logical conclusion, you need to spend some time and connect your creativity.

Bonus Levels

If the main narrative bores the gamer, he can always turn to additional chapters. In addition to classic characters (princesses, kings, knights, etc.), the player will have access to mystical heroes. These include witches, vampires, werewolves or gnomes. Each has its own character and will help create an original story that comes to life on the pages of an interactive book.

Product Advantages

Users who have already evaluated the quality of the game note the following advantages:
• opportunity to reveal your creative potential;
• nice graphics;
• good soundtrack;
• a large number of levels;
• simple management;
• intuitive interface.

To start the first level, it is enough to have a modern computer device at hand, as well as stable access to the Internet. Thanks to the efforts of the developer, a fan of the genre will be able to spend a huge amount of time creating their own unique stories.

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