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Midnight Monitor: Aldercourt

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Midnight Monitor: Aldercourt invites players to explore the sprawling network of Aldercourt Station, a new and extensive part of London’s Travel Network. The game sets itself apart as a “walking simulator,” where players navigate through an ever-changing environment. As you walk through the station’s tile halls and explore its vast corridors, you are tasked with spotting subtle and not-so-subtle changes in your surroundings. The station’s layout can be confusing, but vigilant players who follow signs and remain alert will navigate it successfully.

Discover the Unpredictable Paths of Midnight Monitor: Aldercourt

As part of the gameplay, every loop through the station might reveal new anomalies—walls may shift, windows could appear out of nowhere, and even the laws of physics, like gravity, are subject to change. The game’s design is inspired by the eerie allure of liminal spaces and the unsettling narratives of internet lore surrounding areas like the Backrooms. Players need to stay focused and observe their environment closely, as any change could signal danger or lead to discovering one of over 40 different anomalies that range from mild to startling, making each playthrough a unique experience.

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