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Night Bus

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Night Bus invites players to step into the life of a bus driver in a finely crafted simulation of 1999 New Zealand. The game captures the essence of daily bus operations, from the detailed bus dashboard to the scenic routes that showcase lush countryside and iconic New Zealand architecture. As players navigate through the game, they handle tasks such as fare collection and managing passenger drop-offs at their desired locations, all within an environment that brings a slice of New Zealand’s past to life.

Step into the Driver’s Seat with Night Bus

The gameplay of Night Bus is enriched by choices that directly affect the unfolding story. Players can experiment with the consequences of their decisions, like intentionally skipping stops, which introduces unexpected twists and turns in the gameplay narrative. Additionally, the game features a cutting-edge CCTV system that allows players to monitor the bus interior, adding a layer of strategy as they manage both the vehicle and its occupants. This combination of historical ambiance, strategic decision-making, and interactive elements provides a unique and captivating simulation experience.

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