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Silent Breath

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Silent Breath leverages the power of Unreal Engine 5 to thrust players into a heart-pounding horror scenario set within a foreboding forest. The game capitalizes on cutting-edge graphics and an immersive audio system to create a lifelike environment where danger lurks at every turn. As players venture into the night to trace the steps of those who vanished before them, they must remain absolutely silent. The forest’s eerie ability to ‘listen’ through the player’s microphone introduces a novel survival mechanic: noise can summon terrifying encounters or direct threats to the player’s location.

In Silent Breath, unpredictability reigns supreme

The game features a robust system of dynamic scares that ensures no two playthroughs are alike. Each night in the forest is a test of nerve and stealth with the environment and its horrors never repeating in the same way. This randomness extends to both the jump scares triggered by player noise and the spawning locations of key objectives and enemies. Players must constantly adapt their strategies and hone their senses to navigate this ever-changing landscape, making each session a distinct blend of tension and exploration.

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