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The Unspoken

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Players step into the roles of mages, engaging in magical duels that are both strict and deadly. The primary mode of competition is through duels, where each mage battles to outcast the other. Strict adherence to the rules is mandatory, with severe consequences like decapitation for any rule violations.

First-Person Experience

The game is experienced through a first-person perspective, placing players directly in the shoes of their mage characters. The core gameplay revolves around engaging in duels within confined urban arena settings. These battles continue until one of the mages meets their demise.

Magical Combat System

Combat in The Unspoken is primarily based on the use of magic. The game offers a repertoire of twenty-five distinct spells designed for various tactical uses. These range from offensive spells like fireballs to more strategic spells that allow players to summon barriers, conjure monsters, or alter the environment to gain an advantage.

Arenas and Tactical Play

Each arena in the game is a section of a city, uniquely designed to provide different conditions and tactical challenges. Players can choose from several arenas, each offering unique elements that influence the strategy and approach to combat.

“The Unspoken” emphasizes skill and strategy in a magically enhanced reality, offering a unique take on multiplayer combat.

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