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8AM drops players into a tense, enigmatic scenario where the sole interaction is through the lens of a security camera system. Within the confines of a stark, isolated room, you are cut off from the world except for the live feed of a seemingly normal household. As the house’s daily routines progress, everything changes when the clock reaches midnight, marking the start of your real task.

Deciphering Darkness from Dawn

Throughout the night, the ordinary is juxtaposed with the abnormal. The house you monitor becomes a stage for unexplained phenomena—from ghostly apparitions in the hallways to unsettling episodes of family members acting out of character. Your role is to watch, interpret, and decide if these occurrences are supernatural or merely misinterpretations shaped by the solitude and the strain of continuous observation. Each judgment you cast affects your path to reaching 8:00 a.m., the time when you are promised freedom, if you can decipher what is truly happening in the house.

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