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The name of the game speaks for itself. The gamer will act as a narrator. At the same time, the plot of the next story depends not only on the imagination, but also on the ingenuity of the user.

Game features

After starting, the cover of the book will appear on the screen. Behind the beautiful cover are empty pages that the gamer has to fill out. Management is quite simple. You need a mouse (if the game was entered using a personal computer) or a touchscreen (for owners of handheld devices).
To correctly form the plot, you need to pay attention to the hint of the developers. It is located at the top of the page. The player will have to guess which events led to a happy or not so happy ending.
The choice of characters is not very large. But this, in turn, will allow the beginner not to get confused and quickly navigate through history.
In addition to the main characters, a small assortment of backgrounds and events is also available. With their help, for example, you can poison a villain, save a beautiful princess, marry lovers, or vice versa, organize a sad funeral. In some chapters, you can even revive an unjustly killed character and thus complete a happy love story.
The number of events is limited. Hints are special windows that are on each page. At the same time, in some cases, 4 out of 6 fields are enough for the user to create a narrative that is logical in its sequence.


A player who quickly understands the controls and logic of the developer at some point may feel bored. In order to diversify the process, separate puzzles have been created. You can see unusual characters in them. These are vampires, werewolves, etc. Stories will also please with their diversity.
In general, quite an interesting and unusual game. Despite the fact that the user acts according to a pre-developed plan of the provider, there is still a certain freedom of action. For example, for fun, you can try to deviate from the main plot and place characters in the corresponding window that are absolutely not suitable for the original story. The pictures are not static and the characters will still try to interact. The result is sometimes quite funny. In the same way, you can fill in the windows that are insignificant in relation to the narrative.

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