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Backpack Hero

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An original game that will allow gamers to try on the role of a brave traveler. To win, you need to use your logic, speed and attentiveness.


After starting, the user can choose one of the presented characters. They can be a fox, a frog or a mouse. Each hero has unique characteristics that will help you emerge victorious from difficult situations during the game.
After starting the program, a map appears in front of the player. He needs to reach a certain location. There is a chest with useful items. It is important not only to open it, but also to correctly place things in your small backpack (food, sword, etc.). The placement process is somewhat like a puzzle. At the same time, in the future, the player will be able to expand the space of the backpack and get at their disposal new items for travel.
After the chest, the character will meet the first enemy. That very sword will help to defeat him. If the player’s strength runs out, provisions will come to the rescue. Thus, you need to overcome a lot of locations, collect things for the journey and, in the end, reach the final.

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