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John Doe

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John Doe is not your typical game; it’s an experience that blends elements of a surreal visual novel and a dating sim into an atmospheric adventure. The game takes you through the mundane routine of going to work, but with a twist that turns everyday life into a series of eerie encounters. With seven endings originally, the game now boasts a total of eight, thanks to the addition of brand new content, including all-new art and contributions from guest artist Bileshroom. This expansion enriches the game, providing players with more paths to explore and conclusions to uncover.

A Tapestry of Choices and Consequences

Playing John Doe feels like peeling back layers of an intricate story, where each playthrough quickly unfolds yet offers a different ending based on the choices you make. From sudden imagery to dreamlike atmospheres filled with unsettling visuals, the game immerses you in a world where reality seems just out of reach. Themes of romance, danger, and the surreal are interwoven with mundane elements like bus rides, gas stations, and quick morning showers, creating a unique tapestry that challenges perceptions of normalcy. The game doesn’t shy away from darker themes, including stalking and unreality, adding depth to its narrative and emotional impact. Each decision leads you down a path filled with too many teeth, unending stares, and the unnerving feeling of being watched, making John Doe an experience where sometimes, an ending isn’t just the end.

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