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StoryTeller 2

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The long-awaited continuation of the sensational game. The second part will surely appeal to fans of the original product, as well as beginners who are just starting to get acquainted with the series.


The visual design remains the same. The user will be greeted by a closed old book, alluring with obscurity. Just click on the cover and immerse yourself in the magical world of knights, princesses, merciless villains and incredible adventures.
Innovations touched the assortment of chapters of the book. To complete the whole process, the player will still have to guess what exactly the author of the series had in mind, what stages will lead the main characters to a preconceived ending. At the same time, there will be many more unexpected twists and turns here.
The choice of characters is nice too. In addition to the usual princesses, you can see an insidious beauty who can turn the plot in a completely unexpected direction. The male “audience” also pleases with diversity. Sometimes, given the initial set of “tools”, it is rather difficult to guess who exactly and how will influence the development of the storyline.


To play the game, a gamer will need stable access to the Internet, as well as a modern computer gadget. After that, you can find the second part of the series in a large catalog and immerse yourself in an exciting adventure.
The first chapters will help the beginner understand the controls and prompt the developer’s way of thinking. Demo levels will appear in front of the user in the future too. This will help to quickly understand the essence of what is happening and bring the characters of the book to a logical conclusion.
The gamer must “write” the next chapter himself. A hint (storyline) will appear automatically at the beginning of the level. In the central part there are windows – analogues of paragraphs. Each is a fixed stage in the life of the characters.
At the bottom you can see an assortment of tools with which the adventure will be created. These include people (gnomes, vampires, etc.), as well as locations where events take place. They, in turn, can be a cemetery, a mysterious forest, a castle, a torture chamber, etc.
It is important to create a logical chain – to fill the windows on the screen. If the user does everything correctly, the next chapter will appear in front of him. At its core, the game is a comic book with moving pictures.

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