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A great opportunity to show your creativity. You just need to start the game and not limit your imagination. Everything is in the hands of the player. The hero will win and whether the princess will find the long-awaited happiness depends only on the gamer. The process will be even more fun if the user chooses the full version.

Features full version

The original product was initially available to players in a paid format. After the introduction of the unlocked version, the game became more popular. At the same time, not only the standard, but also the extended format is available to site visitors.
The original game involves the creation of an interesting story. In this case, the client can independently choose the hero, as well as the circumstances in which the main part of the story takes place. If the sequence of actions was chosen incorrectly, the player will have the opportunity to choose another option.
The standard version assumes one scenario, no deviations. However, a more detailed format is available to fans of the genre. The full version allows you to access bonus levels.
A lover of creativity was appreciated by the plot components of additional locations. Here, in addition to princesses, knights, heroes and classic villains, you can meet mystical creatures. These include werewolves, vampires, etc.
Access to bonus levels can be obtained by any user of the service. To do this, you must follow the rules of the developer. If, after getting acquainted with the mechanics, the client understands the principle of the game, he will be able to use an additional opportunity to show creativity after the first five locations.
There are not so many bonus levels in the full version. However, their presence had a great attention to the popularity and demand for the product. If you follow the recommendations of professionals and achieve success, it will not be difficult for a network user to cope with the remaining levels. After the original digression, you can return to the usual format – create interesting theories and watch the development of events on the screen.

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