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Pigeon Ascent

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Pigeon fights online. Improve your character and emerge victorious from the next fight.


The player will control the dove. Before the start of the first round, the gamer receives a small amount of funds at his disposal. They can be spent in the store, the assortment of which is located on the right side of the screen. On the left are the characteristics of the character. You need to pre-select a certain indicator of speed, impact force, etc.
After pressing the appropriate button, the upgraded dove enters the battle. No special effort is required from the user. What matters is not the speed of his reaction, but the characteristics of the bird. If the pigeon emerges victorious, the virtual account will receive money to buy new items in the store.
After successfully completing several levels, the bird changes. In particular, the dove can get special stylish armor and other items that can be useful in the next fight. After the next session, the player will be able to see, instead of the original hero, a powerful fighter, ready to take on any opponent and win a crushing victory over him.

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