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Great game for fans of virtual simulators. The program has a lot of differences from similar products and will attract the attention of the gamer for a long time.


The main character is a funny green creature. The task of the gamer is to provide his basic needs and make life more interesting.
Before starting the program, a beginner should understand that exiting the gameplay will mean liquidation. In other words, the virtual buddy will be eliminated. In this regard, it is better to tune in to a long process in advance.
The set of tools is quite large. The player can arrange parties for his character, send him on trips, etc. Together with the main character, you can rejoice, grieve and actively explore the world around you.
The graphics of the game are quite pleasant, although there are no special frills in it. The interface is simple and will be clear even to a novice user.
There is no plot element as such. Part of the game can be called a simulator. But at the same time, in certain locations, the character will have to go through a kind of obstacle course. At this point, the simulator automatically turns into a classic arcade game a la Super Mario Bros.

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