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Summertime Saga

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A spicy game with an interesting plot. Nice graphics and a large number of girls who need to be charmed will make the game process really exciting.


The protagonist is a young guy whose family is faced with certain difficulties. After a little background, the user will be able to evaluate several main branches of the plot. One of them is finding a prom girl.
Wherever we got the main character – everywhere he is surrounded by a huge number of beauties. Unlike similar software products, Summertime saga allows you to look at girls not only as a beautiful picture. Any seductress has her own character and set of problems. The main character will have to plunge into her soul and thus win her over. The result of another seduction is clear.
There are a lot of locations in the game. All of them are decorated with great attention to detail. The graphics are generally pleasant, and the freedom to choose the next place of seduction also pleases. During the dialogue, it is enough just to choose the appropriate phrase for the circumstances. Another advantage of the game is humor. Even if the user chooses the wrong version of the phrase, the protagonist’s opponent can easily turn the awkward moment into a joke.

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