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A great opportunity to try on the role of the creator. The result of the labors will be a beautiful world.


The game is available to network users online. It is enough to launch the program and immerse yourself in a new world. The player takes on the role of a god. He has to create a unique universe.
The first level is partly educational. The player is provided with a ready-made platform that he can improve. In the future, after the launch, the gamer will be able to form his own planet. A set of tools allows you to create a unique world with unusual terrain, climate and other features.
There is no main storyline here. Worldbox is essentially a sandbox. Thus, the player is automatically freed from a lot of restrictions. A set of tools and materials will please any person with creative inclinations and a thirst for experimentation.
The created planet must not be empty. It can be inhabited not only by people, but also by representatives of other known races. These include orcs, elves, dwarves, and many others. The complete list includes 55 creatures with a unique character. The characteristics of the characters can be studied in advance. To do this, just open the description.

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