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Wholesome Cats

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Original development from a well-known provider. The game will surely appeal to fans of cats.


Before starting the game, the gamer will have to visit a special store. There he will be able to buy a unique character, which will be selected randomly. In the future, in the same store, you can buy various items that will help you complete tasks according to the plot of the story.
After starting the main gameplay, the character enters the home environment. He will have to get acquainted with other cats – the inhabitants of the house. The player chooses independently what his character has to do – fight, make certain sounds to help other animals on the screen, etc.
Each level has a unique set of tools. If the gamer can solve the riddles correctly, special coins will be credited to his virtual account. They can be spent in the store in the main menu of the program.
The game is simple, but at the same time it can distract the network user from everyday and work problems for a long time. The main thing is the presence of a modern computer device and access to the Internet.

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