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BitLife Simulator

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A simple, but at the same time quite interesting game, reminiscent of the famous The Sims in its plot. The player will have to live with an interactive character for a lifetime.


After starting the game, the user can observe the birth of the main character, which he will control in the future. Each character has an initial set of personality characteristics. These include health, intelligence, etc. As you progress, you can develop certain skills and thus make the life of a virtual person better.
As in ordinary life, the main character will periodically be faced with a choice. In some cases, it can be key. So, if you succumb to the persuasion of dubious acquaintances, the hero may end up behind bars. However, after some time, you can free yourself from imprisonment and continue your life path.
The standard version of the development of history is also possible. The child grows up, goes to college or university, finds a job, meets love, and so on. It all depends on the level of imagination and the goal of the gamer. With favorable “care”, a virtual character can live up to 120 years. At the end of a life, the player will be able to appreciate how much their efforts have contributed to the character’s life.

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