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Papa’s Burgeria

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Step into the world of seasoned buns, juicy beef, hot sauces, and fast-food management in Papa’s Burgeria. As the chef, you’ll grill burgers to perfection, add toppings, and create mouthwatering meals for hungry customers. The game will take you on a head-spinning kitchen ride, so you’d better buckle up!

• Prepare for dozens of orders non-stop – your kitchen is gonna be quite busy.
• Each customer wants something special – make sure all of their whims are met.
• Slice, fry, bake, and stack ingredients like a pro – the combinations are endless.
• Experiment with flavors and sauces, and unlock new yummy recipes as you progress.
• Upgrade your trusty grills and invest into restaurant decor – cozy and tasty go a long way together!

Papa Louie will be with you every step of the way, sharing his culinary wisdom and encouraging you to do your best. Good luck, and may your burgers never burn!

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