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Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic

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A magical adventure that only a true lover of the original genre can emerge victorious from. The game requires a modern computer gadget, as well as access to the Internet.


The character that the gamer will control must be selected immediately after starting the program. They can be an assassin, an ordinary citizen, a warrior, etc. In this case, the user can choose for his hero any, in his opinion, a suitable name.
Each character has a special set of characteristics. All of them are in the description. After starting the main story, an interface will appear in front of the gamer. Navigation is simple. On the playing field there are opponents that the brave warrior has to meet. The fight takes place online. The player needs to pre-select the initial location of the main character. After that, there will be a fight. To emerge victorious, you must eliminate the enemy’s health reserve. As a result, the gamer receives a certain amount of virtual coins. They can be spent on upgrading your character in the corresponding store.

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