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Snow Rider 3D Unblocked

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The game Snow rider 3d unblocked will allow you to take part in an exciting and dynamic race on a sled. You act as Santa Claus, who rushes down the snowy slope. On his way he meets not only obstacles in the form of trees, rocks, stumps and walls, but also gifts. You need to collect as many presents as possible on the way and try not to crash into the obstacle. After the first collision, the game ends and the number of points earned is displayed. But if you think that by trying several times you will be able to memorize the route and show a better result, it is not so. Each time you start a level the route is built anew, so new races take place in an updated scenery.

What is the game interesting?

First of all, Snow rider 3d unblocked has high dynamics. Here literally every second you have to dangerously maneuver between trees. Sometimes there will be moving obstacles that need to bypass at high speed. You will also encounter various tunnels and other difficult areas.

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