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Storyteller Tactics

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The game is chosen by all network users with unrealized creative potential and a thirst for experimentation. The product allows you to fully unleash your creativity. For beginners, who often find themselves in a dead end, unique tactics for passing have been developed. The main ones are presented below.

Game strategies

The algorithm of actions is quite simple. To win (reach the logical end and close the book), you just need to choose the right sequence of actions and characters. Despite all the simplicity, novice players often get lost and cannot even pass the initial levels.
Experienced users suggest using the recommendations. The most popular are listed below:
1. Trial and error method. The set of tools is not the largest. In this regard, after several unsuccessful compositions, a fan of computer entertainment will be able to determine the best option.
2. Experience. Many plot lines are repeated. In this regard, it is worth remembering the actions taken. This experience will certainly come in handy in the future.
3. Logic. A phrase will appear on the screen immediately after launch – the main plot of the chapter. Based on this information, you can guess which characters are taking part, and in which locations the main action will take place. To verify the correctness of the decision, it is enough to fill in the empty windows. Moving characters in practice will demonstrate that the player did everything right.
To understand the essence and win, you need to use different tactics. One of them will certainly show its effectiveness.
If a beginner has not yet determined a strategy for himself or has not figured out the navigation, it is necessary to turn to professional players. To do this, just visit the appropriate forum or third-party information site. Based on the information received, you can form a preliminary impression of the game, as well as choose the most convenient tactics.

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