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Catnap and Dogday

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An Unlikely Alliance in a Toy’s World

In the intricate narrative of Catnap and Dogday, players find themselves in a universe where toys come to life, but not all is as whimsical as it might seem. DogDay, a toy dog with a vibrant orange fur and a perpetual grin, emerges as a character with a tale of resilience and survival. Once a leader of the Smiling Critters and a participant in the Bigger Bodies Initiative, DogDay’s life takes a dark turn. The game unfolds in the eerie Playtime Co. factory, where toys are not just playthings but have their own stories, allegiances, and fates. DogDay’s world is shaken by the Prototype’s tyrannical rule, under which he and his group try, but fail, to rebel. Left as the last of his kind, DogDay’s existence becomes a solitary fight for survival against CatNap, the Prototype’s enforcer.

A Harrowing Tale of Survival and Betrayal

DogDay’s story is one of endurance amidst the backdrop of the Playtime Co.’s darkest experiments. After the disbandment of the Smiling Critters, DogDay is captured and subjected to relentless torment by CatNap, punished for his defiance. The player encounters DogDay in a hidden cell, broken and near the end of his existence. His once vibrant appearance is now a haunting image of resistance gone awry. DogDay, with parts of his body missing and the rest a mere shadow of his former self, shares his harrowing tale. The game takes a grim turn as the Ruined Critters, once allies, turn on him in a desperate act of survival, consuming his remains to use as a disguise in their continued pursuit of the player. This moment encapsulates the game’s theme of betrayal and the brutal reality of the toys’ world, where alliances are fragile and survival comes at a cruel cost.

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