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Eki – The Station

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Late Night at Eki – The Station

Eki – The Station captures the essence of a late-night trek through a station with a blend of retro aesthetics and an ambiance that draws heavily from Japanese culture. Players step into the shoes of a character whose sole objective is to navigate their way home in the dead of night. This game sets itself apart with visuals reminiscent of the PSX era, immersing players in a world that feels both nostalgic and eerily unfamiliar. As you move through the station, the sense of isolation grows, punctuated by moments designed to startle and surprise.

With gameplay lasting between 3 to 5 minutes per run, Eki – The Station is concise yet filled with moments that stick with you long after you’ve turned off the game. It offers five distinct endings, each a culmination of choices made in the dimly lit corridors and platforms of the station. The inclusion of both English and Spanish texts makes it accessible to a broader audience, inviting players from different backgrounds to experience the game’s unique blend of tension and intrigue. Whether it’s the game’s visual throwback or the unsettling ambiance that draws you in, Eki – The Station promises a brief, but memorable venture into the night.

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