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Gacha Club 2

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The game Gacha club 2 has an interesting combination of gacha and RPG genres. Here you find yourself in a gacha club, which can be chosen independently. The player can start his own party and create characters made in anime style. After creating a character, you can pick up his clothes, pick up a variety of dresses, weapons and other things. All of this creates an endless amount of possibilities. Players can fully exercise their own imagination and achieve a rather original result.

What is available to players?

In Gacha club 2 you have a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to create incredible combinations based on your own preferences and unique style. Having created a character with his original features, you can start creating the environment. A whole studio opens up to you, where you can play out scenes. The player can add pets, change the existing background, bring additional items. In the game there are about 200 characters and 4 modes of passing. You can collect gems to increase your own level, get new resources, etc.

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