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Go to Bed throws you into a straightforward yet unnerving scenario where your main goal is just as the title suggests: get to bed. Sounds easy, right? But as night falls and the shadows creep closer, you’ll find that something as mundane as heading to sleep can turn into a heart-racing quest. With a set of basic controls – WASD to move, E to interact, and ESC to quit to the menu – the game doesn’t bog you down with complicated mechanics. Instead, it focuses on immersing you in a series of situations where your nerves might just get the better of you. Can you navigate through the dimly lit hallways and rooms of your home to safely tuck yourself in?

Nighttime Terrors: A Simple Guide to Go to Bed

Crafted in just two weeks for the DreadXP End of Summer Bone Jam, this game is a testament to the power of simplicity in creating a gripping experience. Mac users, take note: running the game directly from a download might pose some challenges, but utilizing the app offers a smooth workaround. In the wake of the game jam’s conclusion, an updated version has been released, fine-tuning aspects like volume, lighting, and player interaction without straying from the original jam submission’s essence. These tweaks aim to enhance your experience, addressing feedback and clearing up any areas that might have previously led to confusion. So, are you ready to face the night and find your way to bed?

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