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That’s not my Neighbor Clown

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In That’s not my Neighbor, players discover a multitude of secrets, one of which is an enigmatic encounter with a clown. This encounter begins unexpectedly when a visitor arrives, inquiring if you have seen a clown, and hands you a brochure featuring an image of the clown. Interestingly, the clown himself might also appear to deliver the brochure directly. The brochure contains a peculiar warning, stating that every night, hundreds of people dream of this clown, and if he appears in your dream, you must avoid playing with him at all costs. Additionally, the brochure provides a link to another game developed by the same creator, where the challenge escalates to a dice game against the clown.

A Mysterious Game Within a Game

This unusual twist adds depth to That’s not my Neighbor by intertwining the gameplay with another layer of interaction outside the main storyline. Engaging with the clown, whether through the brochure’s warning or the linked game, introduces players to a unique meta-game experience. This aspect of the game encourages exploration beyond the primary task of distinguishing between residents and impostors, inviting players into a broader universe created by the developer, where decisions in one game may echo in another.

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