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Home Safety Hotline

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Welcome to the intriguing world of Home Safety Hotline, where your role as a telephone operator takes a mysterious turn. This game blends the nostalgia of ’90s tech with the thrill of unraveling the unknown, placing you at the center of an analog horror-inspired experience. As calls flood in, you’re tasked with diagnosing the strange happenings in callers’ homes, armed only with a hefty catalog of potential pests and hazards. It’s a test of your deductive skills and knowledge of home safety, as each decision impacts the fate of those on the other end of the line. Created by Nick Lives, known for NiGHT SIGNAL and A Wonderful Day For Fishing, this game invites players to dive into a unique horror narrative that’s as compelling as it is eerie.

Mastering the Art of Telephonic Troubleshooting

Here’s a snapshot of what it takes to excel in Home Safety Hotline:

Catalog Navigation: Familiarize yourself with the detailed database of household threats, from the mundane to the malevolent.
Listening Skills: Pay close attention to the concerns of your callers. The success of your diagnosis depends on picking up on subtle clues.
Cool Under Pressure: Juggling incoming calls while consulting your catalog and keeping callers calm requires a level head.
Phobia Toggles and Accessibility: Cater to your comfort level with in-game content, ensuring a personalized experience for every player.
Unlockables and Insights: Discover the secrets behind the game’s creation and explore deeper into its unsettling universe through an art book and other extras.

Home Safety Hotline offers a fresh take on horror, combining the curiosity-driven allure of solving mysteries with the charm of retro technology. It’s a game that challenges players not just to confront the fears lurking in the shadows of every home but to do so while navigating the complexities of ’90s tech and providing reassurance over the wire. Whether you’re deciphering the source of a strange noise or calming a panicked caller, Home Safety Hotline delivers an immersive experience that’s as thought-provoking as it is chilling.

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