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Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle

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The game troll thief stickman puzzle gives you the opportunity to play as a thief with very long arms. He looks almost the same as the other characters in the game, but he has one unique feature – he can endlessly lengthen his limbs. You can extend his arm to almost any area of the screen, allowing you to perform stealthy and absolutely incredible thefts. Your main task on each level is to steal an item and remain undetected.

Game Features

With a relatively simple principle and easy to learn rules, the game troll thief stickman puzzle managed to create a very diverse and exciting gameplay. Each level shows a new situation with the main character. You need to figure out how to solve the puzzle by reaching out your limbs to the most remote places. The first levels are a kind of training, after which you have to figure out everything on your own. You need to learn how to circumvent obstacles, to act exclusively within the authorized field. Any mistake will lead to the failure of the task.

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