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Baldi’s Basics Plus 0.4

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So, Baldi’s Basics Plus 0.4 is out, and it’s flipping the script on what you’d expect from a game that looks like it walked straight out of a 90s computer lab. Picture this: you’re in a school, but this isn’t your average day of hitting the books. Instead, you’re on a mission to scoop up notebooks filled with math problems. But here’s the kicker – Baldi, your not-so-average teacher, is on your tail. Get a problem wrong, and he’s coming for you, faster than you can say “math is fun.” It’s a wild mix of trying to be a math whiz while also playing a game of cat and mouse with Baldi and his crew.

How to Make Your Way Through

Navigating Baldi’s Basics Plus 0.4 is all about keeping your cool and using your smarts. Here’s the lowdown on getting around without getting caught:

Moving Around: Use the good old WASD or arrow keys to move. Simple, right? Just like any game that gets you walking, running, and strategizing your next move.
Interacting with Stuff: See that mouse of yours? Click to interact with notebooks and doors, or to pick up items that could save your skin.
Cracking Those Math Problems: When you’re at a notebook, you’ll need to answer some math questions. Use your mouse to select the right answer. No pressure, but try not to mess up.
Keeping an Eye on Your Stamina: Running all the time sounds great, but you’ve got limited stamina. Keep an eye on it, so you don’t run out of juice at the wrong time.
Using Items Wisely: You’ll find items as you explore. They’re not just for show; use them to your advantage. Each one has a different use, so think before you click.

Remember, it’s all about strategy, quick thinking, and maybe being a bit sneaky. Good luck out there, and try not to let Baldi catch you!

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