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A Night at the Zoo Like No Other in Zoochosis

Zoochosis thrusts players into the role of a zookeeper embarking on their first night shift, only to discover that the job involves far more than they bargained for. As the night unfolds, a sinister reality emerges: some of the zoo’s animals are transforming into mutants. The game offers a blend of caretaking simulation and intense decision-making as players navigate the challenges of managing their duties while seeking a cure for the afflicted creatures. Interacting with the animals goes beyond routine tasks; players must also delve into the mystery behind the sudden transformations, making choices that will impact not just the fate of the animals but their survival as well.

The Fate of the Zoo in Your Hands

In Zoochosis, every choice carries weight, shaping the outcome of the game and leading to multiple endings. Players are faced with difficult decisions about which animals to prioritize and how to allocate their limited resources. The quest to uncover the source of the infection and develop a vaccine adds urgency to the gameplay, blending elements of strategy with moral dilemmas. As players become more invested in the well-being of their animal charges, the game challenges them to consider the consequences of their actions. Will they manage to save the animals and themselves, or will the zoo descend into chaos? The answers lie in the choices made along the way, making Zoochosis a compelling narrative experience where the stakes are as personal as they are high.

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