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Bendy: Secrets of the Machine

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The game Bendy: Secrets of the Machine offers an enthralling dive into the world of Riley, an employee at Gent Corporation, who has been transformed into the soul of a machine for the company’s research. This text will explore key aspects of the game, revealing the secrets and backstory of the protagonist.

Entering Riley’s World

First Steps

The game begins with Riley standing in front of a house marked by a wheelchair at the entrance. Inside, she encounters puzzles that need to be solved by throwing cans of Bacon Soup and beans.

Encounter with the Past

After navigating through initial challenges, Riley enters a room resembling a house where her own story is told. She was a talented artist in her youth, but her life changed after her parents died in a car crash when she was six. Teachers reported she scared her classmates with her drawings. At 17, she was hired by Joey Drew Studios but was later fired for drawing horrific things, eventually landing a job at Gent.

The Mysterious Code

The game features a unique subject code (131389145), which, when decoded from numbers to letters (A = 1, B = 2, etc.), spells “machine.” This suggests that the main subject of study is likely the Ink Machine.

Unlike other games where ink is used, this game employs the color red to symbolize blood, adding graphic vividness and emphasizing the somber atmosphere. Players are tasked with exploring numerous dark corners where every object might hide a puzzle or lead to new revelations about Riley’s past.

Solve the Secrets

The game’s plot is closely intertwined with a series of puzzles that players need to solve to progress and learn more about the dark secrets of the Gent Corporation.

Unravel the Interactive Mystery

The game offers a unique interactive experience where every action and decision can impact the storyline and the ultimate outcome.

Stay Tuned for Updates of Bendy: Secrets of the Machine

Developers promise to continue delighting players with new updates and story elements, expanding the game world and deepening its mysteries.


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