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Cookie Clicker 3

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Cookie clicker 3 – the third part of the clicker, dedicated to the mining of cookies. Your main task is to extract as many resources as possible. Initially, you will have to click on a large object yourself, extracting resources. Having collected a certain amount, you can spend it on hiring workers and building structures and other objects. All this allows you to provide automatic extraction of cookies. Thus, the game gradually turns into an economic simulator.

Features of development

In the game Cookie clicker 3 is very well thought out development, which allows you to keep the attention of players and stimulates them to continue further. Each new stage opens new constructions, introduces improvements for existing objects. For example, you can spend money to buy several cookie mines or pump all the existing ones, so that with a smaller number they give more resources per second. Here you need to calculate everything correctly and build your schemes that allow you to maximize your profit with minimal investment.

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