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Tekken 7

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Tekken 7 elevates the fighting game genre with its cinematic storytelling and fluid combat mechanics, marking a pinnacle moment in the long-standing series. This edition brings together a roster of fighters from around the globe, each with their unique fighting styles and gripping backstories that intertwine in the game’s narrative. The Mishima family saga continues to be a focal point, delivering dramatic conclusions to personal rivalries and corporate battles. With the introduction of the Rage system and Power Crush mechanic, battles become more strategic, allowing players to turn the tide of combat with well-timed moves. Tekken 7 is a testament to the evolution of fighting games, offering both newcomers and veterans a deep, engaging experience that goes beyond the fight, into the heart of what it means to be a warrior.

Stepping into the Arena

Mastering Tekken 7 involves getting a grip on the following controls:

  • Movement: Use the directional buttons or left joystick to move your character forward, backward, and to sidestep up or down.
  • Light and Heavy Attacks: Four buttons are assigned to your character’s limbs; two for punches (left and right) and two for kicks (left and right), allowing for a variety of basic and combo attacks.
  • Blocking: Automatically occurs when not pressing any buttons and facing your opponent, but specific blocks for low or high attacks require crouching or standing.
  • Throw Moves: Combine different punch buttons or a punch and kick button to execute a throw move.
  • Rage Art and Rage Drive: When in Rage mode (health bar flashes red), press the specific button combination for your character to unleash a powerful Rage Art attack or a strategic Rage Drive maneuver.
  • Power Crush: Execute this move to power through an opponent’s attack, absorbing damage but continuing your attack.

Tekken 7 invites players to a world where fighting prowess is just the beginning. With intricate controls and a rich narrative woven through epic battles, it challenges players to fight smarter, not harder, as they navigate through intense rivalries and spectacular showdowns to uncover the deeper stories within.

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