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Words Story

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Words Story game will test how well you can make words from a set of letters. At each stage you are required to choose different variants of the proposed symbols to get the correct word in the end. You are given only the number of symbols and a set of letters. They should be written into the cell to get the word. The player is given a few extra symbols. This will make it possible to make more words than originally intended. If you manage to hit the correct word but not the one that was riddled, you will get extra points. Also, one of the letters will be removed afterwards, which will narrow down the search for the correct answer.

How to play.

Words Story has fairly simple rules. The player only needs to click on the proposed letters in the right order. They will automatically fill in the empty fields in a certain sequence. If you make a mistake, then nothing terrible will not happen, as there are no penalties for wrong choices. When in doubt or when you reach a dead end, you can buy a bomb and blow up one letter that is not used in the word, which should make the selection easier.

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