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Google Snake

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When Google puts their name on something, you know it’s top-notch. Introducing Google Snake – an old concept in a brand new, shiny package! The production levels are sky-high, the quality is unbeatable, and the fun? Oh, the fun is off the charts!

• Navigate your snake across a vibrant green map.
• Devour as many apples as you can stomach.
• The more apples you munch, the more your snake grows.
• And the higher your score climbs!
• Avoid nibbling on your own tail or any part of your slithery body.
• And watch out for the walls!
• Keep playing until you go poof.

Ready to unleash your inner snake charmer? Time to kill some time and snag those high scores! Grab your keyboard, start maneuvering, and let your snake grow as long as it takes you to finally tear yourself off that screen and go do something in the real world for a change!

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