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Gorilla Tag

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Monkey Business Unleashed

Jump into the heart-pounding world of Gorilla Tag, where players swing, leap, and chase through vibrant virtual environments. In this fast-paced multiplayer game, you’ll take on the role of a nimble gorilla, racing against friends or strangers in a wild game of tag. Utilize your agility and cunning to outmaneuver opponents as you navigate obstacles and climb to victory.

Swing, Leap, Tag!

With intuitive controls and immersive VR gameplay, Gorilla Tag delivers an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other. Engage in intense tag battles as you dart between platforms, using your surroundings to gain the upper hand. Whether you’re evading pursuers or hunting down rivals, every match promises exhilarating moments of action-packed fun.

Join the Gorilla Gang

Connect with players from around the globe in this dynamic online playground. Form alliances, strategize with teammates, or simply enjoy the thrill of the chase with fellow gorillas. With frequent updates and a vibrant player base, Gorilla Tag offers endless opportunities for excitement and adventure. So grab your headset and get ready to swing into action in this electrifying game of tag!

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