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Haunt The House

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Wanna have some creepy kind of fun? Haunt The House puts a playful spin on the ghostly world putting you in the spectral shoes of one mischievous, but overall innocent ghost. You don’t want to hurt anyone – your goal is to just scare the potential occupants of the house a little bit, cause you don’t like those pesky people nosing around and ruining your peace and quiet. There is whole bunch of tricks at your disposal:

• Possess objects like they’re moving on their own.
• Slam the doors, rattle the furniture, make the lights flicker.
• Send shivers down those human spines with eerie echoes.
• Appear before

by possessing objects and creating chaos. The charming art style and creative gameplay make Haunt the House a lighthearted and entertaining experience for those who enjoy a good ghostly adventure.

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