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Dive into the world of insatiable hunger and competitive eating in! This is a game where size matters, so those growing big and growing fast are bound to come out on top. But that’s not all – you also need some kind of a feeding and fighting strategy to survive!

• Control a colorful creature and navigate the arena, consuming smaller players to grow larger.
• Collect food faster than your rivals to outgrow them and dominate the map.
• Wait for larger players to battle it out and hurry up to pick up the sweet remnants.
• Use a bigger opponent’s size against them and outmaneuver that bully into a certain doom.
• Pick your way around the arena wisely and stay out of trouble!

The game’s simple mechanics and multiplayer aspect create a fast-paced and addictive experience that will surely keep you hooked up for hours and hours. Compete against hundreds of io game fans in real-time and see if you can become the biggest, mightiest, and deadliest gulper in the arena!

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