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Henry Stickmin: Escaping the Prison

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In the game Henry stickmin escaping the prison you need to help the main character to escape from prison. Before you is an interactive cartoon, in which it is up to you to further develop the plot. You choose exactly how the events will take place, what objects will find the character and how he will react. Here you need to show wit and reaction, because in some interactive moments from the speed of decision-making depends on the outcome.


According to the plot, your hero receives a parcel. One of the guards forgot to check it, so your accomplices managed to provide you with help. How exactly to use it, will already depend only on you. The first choice is to decide on the found object. It can be a classic file, used by many for sawing lattices, teleporter, energy drink, grenade launcher and other things. You only need to pick up one item. Then events unfold based on what you picked up. This continues until the next fork. Some decisions can be fatal.

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