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Hololive Suika

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Hololive suika game is based on the suika series, where you have to logically distribute incoming items. Your goal becomes to get points. To do this, you need to conduct as many mergers of objects as possible. The main feature here is that instead of fruit or other things found in the classic representatives of this game, you will get balls with characters from anime.

Differences from other versions

In addition to the design, which is the basic difference from the classic games, there are several physics modes to choose from. Hololive suika has three modes: stable, standard and crazy. In the first case, everything will be very easy and the balls will hit the target exactly on the highlighted line. Standard mode assumes a certain springiness of the objects. In crazy mode the objects become very bouncy. You can also enable or disable character voiceovers. If the voiceover is enabled, all interactions with the ball will be accompanied by comments of the characters from cartoon series depicted on it.

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