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Monkey Market

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Step into the paws of a cute monkey with the most important job in the jungle – running a bustling supermarket! In Monkey Market, you’re not just swinging from trees – you’re swinging deals and managing a vibrant market filled with fresh produce and fantastic products!

• Explore various stations in the market where your character can engage in different tasks.
• Handle nitty-gritty assignments like planting, harvesting, and restocking.
• Keep those stands overflowing because customers are about to swing by for their grocery fix.
• Sell it all – bananas, corn, eggs, peanuts, coffee beans, chocolate, wheat – the list goes on
• Watch as customers snatch up your tantalizing treats, collect those payments by the cashier register, and grin from ear to ear as your hard-earned money pile up!

Think you’ve got that entrepreneur’s bone in you? Gear up, get those bananas ready, and let the monkey business begin!

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