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Oxygen Not Included

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Oxygen Not Included invites players into the depths of an alien space rock, where managing a colony’s survival becomes a complex task of balancing resources, technology, and the well-being of the colonists. The game, set in an intricately simulated environment, challenges players to dig, build, and manage a subterranean asteroid base. Each decision impacts the colony’s chances of survival, from the allocation of resources to the design of the base. The need for oxygen, food, and water, along with the constant threats from the environment, push players to innovate and strategize for sustainability.

Building a Thriving Subterranean Colony

Success in Oxygen Not Included hinges on the player’s ability to adapt and plan. Crafting a thriving ecosystem requires careful attention to the colonists’ needs, including their health, mental state, and productivity. As players delve deeper into the asteroid, they uncover new resources and face greater dangers. The game’s physics-based simulation demands consideration of air pressure, temperature, and the flow of liquids and gases, adding layers of realism and challenge. Balancing these elements while expanding the colony’s frontiers and technology showcases the depth of strategy and planning needed to not just survive, but prosper.

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