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Among Us

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This spaceship is in grave danger! There is a traitor on board, and nobody knows who this is. One thing for sure – they’re armed, they’re dangerous, and they’re awfully cunning. Will you be able to outsmart this devil incarnate and unmask them before too late? That’s what we’re about to see in Among Us!

• Join a deadly flight with up to 10 other players.
• Get randomly selected as either a Crew Member or an Impostor.
• Reveal the Impostor’s identity or kill everyone, depending on your role.
• Explore the ship, complete tasks, or sabotage the flight.
• Interact with other players, vote suspects off the ship, or get voted into the open space yourself.

With intense live interaction, unpredictable turns of events (again, because everyone in the crew are live players), total suspense, and time pressure, Among Us is the ultimate space thriller for everyone in love with spaceships, murders, and detective stories. Hop on board and see if you will ever step out again!

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