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Papa’s Cheeseria

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Papa’s Cheeseria continues the culinary adventures of our good old friend Papa Louie, this time focusing on the art of crafting grilled cheese sandwiches. From choosing the bread to melting the cheese, you’ll get to experience all the joy (and trouble) of running a cheesy establishment. The game comes with a bunch of awesome features making it a blast to play:

• Dozens of amazing recipes for sandwich enthusiasts.
• All kinds of ingredients to mix and experiment with.
• Fully equipped kitchen for real culinary feats.
• Picky customers that don’t like to wait.
• Daily challenges and yummy rewards.

Time to put on your apron and chef’s head, arm yourself with a spatula, and head right to Papa Cheeseria’s kitchen! Make Papa Louie proud he chose you as his right hand. Say a new word in the art of sandwich-making and go down in history as the cheesiest chef ever!

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