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Purble Place

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Purble place is a set of mini-games that have become very popular among computer owners. Earlier they were available to everyone on the Windows operating system, but now you can play only in the online version.

What games are included in the collection?

In Purble place compilations one of the games is Purble Pairs. This is a classic game related to finding a pair of identical images. You turn over one of the cards, which is face up. Then the second one. If they are the same, they are left open. Different cards are flipped backwards. The objective is to reveal all the cards that are on the field. The second game is Comfy Cakes. It is aimed at testing the coordination of movements. You have to bake a cake, which is shown on the monitor. With the buttons you set the movement of the conveyor belt to pick up the ingredients. Purpble Shop completes the set of mini-games. Here you need to choose the right combinations to create the right doll. The player is offered a large number of options. A large number of mistakes will lead to a loss.

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