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Toca Boca

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The game Toca boca is created especially for children’s audience. Here you can create your own world using the tools provided by the developers. Here children can learn to interact with others, develop their skills. There is no plot, if you consider it in the standard sense. However, there is a leisurely pace of narration and exciting gameplay. Here players can do what they will be most interested in. They are available to build a building, doing business, development of heroes and other areas.

How to play

At the beginning of the game Toca boca several cities are available to you. You move to one of the available locations. There is all the infrastructure necessary for life, where there are stores, theaters, post offices and other interesting places. To visit a certain place you just need to click on it. After that, a menu with available options will open. The game offers a lot of items and options for interacting with them. For example, you can wash not only laundry, but also food and other items.

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