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Witch Cry 2

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The Quest for Survival in Witch Cry 2

After escaping the clutches of the witch’s home, young Timmy’s ordeal is far from over. Now under the guidance of Gretel, he must navigate a series of challenges to avoid the wrath of the bloodthirsty crone. Players are tasked with staying undetected while unraveling the secrets of the witch and the forest fairies. The game invites you to explore a mysterious house nestled deep in the woods, inhabited by an elderly woman and her granddaughter, and to discover a magical red cloak that is key to breaking free from this enchanted imprisonment.

Mastering Magic and Mystery

Witch Cry 2 demands proficiency with a magic wand to solve puzzles that challenge your deductive reasoning and sense of direction. The game introduces a host of spells, allowing players to alter their environment to overcome obstacles. The storyline, inspired by the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, offers a dark twist on the classic fairy tale, presenting a narrative that is both tragic and engaging. Players must evade the witch, who is powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence, finding various ways to incapacitate her temporarily. With different difficulty levels and a helpful hint system, Witch Cry 2 ensures that players of all skill levels can find their way through its enchanting and treacherous world.

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