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A Missing Salesman

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Diving into A Missing Salesman

So, you’re diving into A Missing Salesman, right? It’s this compact first-person horror game that throws back to the PS1 era, so you know the vibes are going to be all grainy and nostalgically spooky. Now, on the surface, it looks pretty straightforward – wander around, get the chills from sudden loud noises and stuff jumping out. But here’s the thing, it’s not just about getting from start to finish. This game wants you to pay attention, to really soak in what’s happening around you if you’re aiming to grasp the full story behind it.

You’re looking at maybe 5 to 15 minutes of playtime, but those minutes? Packed with intensity. Controls are no sweat – your typical W, A, S, D for moving around, and E to poke your nose into whatever needs interacting with. And hey, if you’re one of those folks who likes sharing their scares on YouTube, the creators are just asking for a shoutout to their game in your video description. Seems like a fair trade for a quick dive into terror, right?

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