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Cookie Clicker 2

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Cookie clicker 2 is the continuation of the legendary clicker, which set new standards in the industry. Here the developers have further developed the successful ideas laid down in the first part. You still need to build your cookie empire using all available means. Here you can not lose, so you can not make the wrong decision, which will lead to tragic consequences. At the same time, you can significantly accelerate the process of growth of your capabilities, which is the main task of the player.

Features of the game

There is a great combination of the elementarity of the clicker and the fascination of economic simulator development. The only thing you need internal resources for is the construction of new structures. They will allow you to extract even more game resources. Each new improvement allows you to increase the number of cookies mined per second. This is the main indicator, which should be focused on during the next purchase. Wrong choice will only slightly prolong the waiting time for dialing the right amount.

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