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Merge Digital Circus vs Toilet

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Longing for something out-of-the-ordinary and off-the-rocker? Merge Digital Circus vs Toilet is just the kind of a game! Picture this: you’re not just racing upwards, but you’re also assembling a squad of eccentric circus characters to take on the formidable Toilets in a showdown at the final battlefield of each level! Think you can win?

• Gather as many squad members as possible to ensure victory against the mighty Toilets.
• The more allies you collect, the more potent your merged units become.
• Keep an eye out for characters sporting rabbit ears standing on the track.
• Skillfully navigate and dodge obstacles because losing squad members is equivalent to losing the game outright.
• Dive into the fighting mode and show those Toilets!

Remember, the Toilets mean business, and without a robust team, they might just flush your chances of success away. Stay nimble, and you’ll maintain the upper hand in this porcelain mayhem. Let the showdown begin!

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